About us

At Smart Trailer Solutions, you can quickly and easily rent, buy or lease new or nearly-new moving floor trailers from the brand Kraker Trailers. You can choose from several types: K-Force standard, K-Force Agri or K-Force Side Doors.

Smart Trailer Solutions offers a solution for unexpected busy periods, rapid growth or seasonal peaks.

Collaboration with Kraker Trailers
Smart Trailers Solutions closely collaborates with Kraker Trailers. Kraker is the leading European specialist in moving floor trailers and the company has focused entirely on that type of vehicle since 1989. Ease of use for you is the focal point of development and production.

Smart Trailer Solutions trailers are taken from the K-Force range: the most efficient moving floor trailers on the market. K-Force is a strong, reliable trailer with an unprecedented longevity. K-Force's smart features make your work safer and easier.

Moving floor trailers for hire
Unexpected busy period? Not enough equipment to cope with a seasonal peak? Then Smart Trailer Solutionscan provide you with the solution with new and nearly new Kraker moving floor trailers. You have a choice of three different types. That way, your rental trailer will fit seamlessly with the type of transport you provide. You can rent a moving floor trailer from Smart Trailer Solutionsstarting from as little as one month.

Moving floor trailers for sale
Need a new Kraker moving floor trailer quickly? Smart Trailer Solutions supplies new Kraker trailers from stock. Kraker Trailers’ unique 5-year guarantee also applies to these trailers. 

Sales of nearly new moving floor trailers
Are you looking for a reliable Kraker moving floor trailer at a good price? The Smart Trailer Solutionsteam will assess whether we have a suitable trailer available for you. If not, we will have a look within our network how we can assist you.

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