Looking to rent a walking floor trailer?

Do you need more capacity on a temporary basis to cope with seasonal pressures? Is it not the best time to invest in buying new trailers right now? You can quickly and easily handle such a situation by renting a trailer from Smart Trailer Solutions.

Smart Trailer Solutions' rental fleet comprises a good number of Kraker moving floor trailers.

Range walking floor trailers


K-Force K-Force Agri K-Force SD


Multifuntional walking floor trailers

K-Force Agri

Very suitable for agricultural products

K-Force Side Doors

For long indivisible cargo

14.010 x 2.550 x 4.000 mm (LxBxH)

11.130 x 2.550 x3.800 (LxBxH)

14.010 x 2.550 x 4.000 mm (LxBxH)

A walking floor trailer allows you to transport everything from bulk to palletised and from agricultural products to scrap and waste. When you have a side door trailer, you can also transport long or indivisible cargo. Discuss your requirements with Smart Trailer Solutions and together we will determine which type best suits your needs.

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